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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School


Journey through space – the final frontier! Our new topic is all about becoming star gazers!

Let’s take a trip to the stars, planets and suns and discover the amazing wonders of the night sky. During this half term, we’ll read information texts to find out about the Solar System and the Sun, using mnemonics to help us remember the facts. We’ll make a Solar System and investigate the cycle of day into night. We’ll learn about Galileo, the ‘father’ of modern astronomy and his famous astronomical discoveries. Taking on the roles of the planets, we’ll use movement to demonstrate the motions of the planets and moons. We’ll investigate lunar myths and write astronaut poetry. Then we’ll make our own planets, as well as creating space suits, testing the materials for durability, and we’ll program our own games to explore a lunar landscape.



Our new book is called ‘I Love You Michael Collins’ by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. If anyone would like to bring in their own copy then they are welcome to!