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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Are You A Clever Clogs?

The Children have taken over the classroom displays!

Our topic of Lifecycles has really captured the imaginations and interests of the F2 Elves. They have been bringing in so many things from home. This caused a dilemma in the classroom as we wanted to celebrate their enthusiasm. They twisted my arm and made me give up a display board that they could be in charge of.

So we now have a board dedicated to the childrens independent efforts both at school and at home. Please use the email to send any pictures that you think should be on this board. We have stuck this email address in the front cover of their reading diaries so you know where to find it.

It can be anything that the children have taken the time to do at home. It doesn't have to be linked to the topic. It can be something that they simply want to show that is important to them and they want to share. We have also put work up that they have decided to do at school together with their friends without us actually asking them to do it!