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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Multi-tasking Mums!

A mum or carer does so much for us! How do they do it?

Our activities this week involved F2 thinking about all of the jobs a mother does for us. We came up with a poem that lists lots of things that she does.

You are my DOCTOR when I am feeling poorly.

You are my LAUNDRY MAID when I need clean clothes.

You are my TEACHER when I need to know how to do something.

You are my CHEF when I need to eat.

You are my DIARY PLANNER when I visit my friends.

You are my MECHANIC when my toys get broken.

You are my TAXI when I need to go somewhere.

You are my HAIRDRESSER when I am having a bad hair day.

You are my PERSONAL SHOPPER when I need a new outfit.

You are my GOALKEEPER when I need someone to shoot at.

You are my CHEERLEADER when I play a game.

You are my HOMEWORK HELPER when I get stuck.

You are my CLEANER when I make a mess.

You are my STORYTELLER when I go to bed.

You are my DENTIST when my tooth falls out.

You are my PHOTGRAPHER when I do something amazing.

You are my COAT ZIPPER UPPER when I am getting dressed.

You are my PARTY PLANNER when it is my birthday.

You are my COSTUME MAKER when I get a part in the school play.

You are my NURSE when I need a plaster.


You are the BEST MUM!

Click here to see photos of all the jobs a mum does!