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Keyworth Primary
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Sports and Enrichment

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  • football activities

    Published 12/05/20, by Hannah Robinson

    Dear parents,

    Our Rushcliffe Sports Partnership lead (Chris Ballard) has been working hard along with the other leads across Nottinghamshire to provide our children with sporting activities through this pandemic. please find the attached sheet where you can find lots of activities!

    Let me know how you get on ! 


    Miss Robinson 

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  • Stay Healthy ....

    Published 14/04/20, by Hannah Robinson

    Hi Guys ! hope you all had a lovely Easter I will let you off for eating chocolate this time ;) , Stay Healthy and keep up with the physical activity if you would like any more challenges or you want to show me a poster you have created  please feel free to email me 

    Stay Safe 

    Miss R x 

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  • Fitness Challenge!!

    Published 06/04/20, by Hannah Robinson
    Please see attached fitness challenge! send me your scores cant wait to see how hard you have been working keep up the physical activity!! 
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  • Happy Easter from Miss Robinson!

    Published 03/04/20, by Sara Lindley





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  • Orienteering in PE!

    Published 03/04/20, by Hannah Robinson

    I set these guys a challenge of finding the words they had a great morning running all over to fill in the gaps, the word they found was  :keep active stay fit live longer! 


    Check out out all the pictures!



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  • KPNS Choir challenge! One Little Voice

    Published 02/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    So, you may have seen on the news that choirs have been creating virtual singing events.

    You know me... I love a technical challenge and I love singing with the children so why don't we give it a try?

    I have downloaded a song and the song words at the bottom of this blog. We had just introduced this song to the children before these strange events started. However, the song sounds very appropriate at the moment so I thought we would continue with it and it could be the one that we tried to do first. Who knows, if it works well we could do more?

    So what do you need to do?

    Listen to the song and learn it really well.

    Put the song on your phone or music device and then put your earphones in and get used to singing along. 

    When you feel ready to record...... go and dust off your school jumper and put it on so that we become one choir again! 

    Then go for it! Record the whole song if you can as you are listening to it with earphones in.

    Don't be too hard on yourself as remember you are just one voice and with the magic of technology we will be turning you into a whole choir. Everyone is going to sound a bit funny with no music seemingly playing and the odd wobble in your voice. 

    When you are happy 'enough'  - send it to me at

    I often use a free data transfer site to send big video files.

    I will then try to edit all of the videos together. It may take some time but its worth a try.

    For this to work though I need lots of you to have a go!

    Here is a video for a little bit of an idea of how we were going to do it at school for a performance. Hopefully we will do it all together soon but in the meantime I can have a go at getting the same effect on a video.

    COME ON ..............GIVE IT A GO!




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  • tennis and dance day!

    Published 01/04/20, by Sara Lindley

    “Another busy sporty day at Keydale - tennis AND learning a new dance! 

    Keep active and keep smiling! 

    Miss Robinson and Miss Rayns”

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    Published 31/03/20, by Hannah Robinson  
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  • Just Dance!

    Published 30/03/20, by Sara Lindley

    "Hi everyone! Hope you've all been keeping fit and doing Miss Robinson's and Joe Wickes' videos! Here at the new Keydale school, we have been getting moving with some Just Dance videos! Take a look at one of them here... 
    We would love to see some of your dancing videos, email them into us! 
    Miss Robinson and Miss Rayns"

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  • PE Posters....

    Published 28/03/20, by Hannah Robinson

    Thank you to everyone who has sent in there amazing PE Posters! They are all great. Hope you are all keeping up with the Physical Activity , Keep an eye on the sports Blog for more challenges and ideas... 

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  • Create your own sports poster!

    Published 23/03/20, by Hannah Robinson
    Design your own sports poster for Miss Robinson I would love to see what amazing ideas you have, So if you have a favourite football team or a favourite sport or a sports person you admire you can draw pictures or print them off its up
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