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  • Simple and fun non-screen activities that children can do at home

    Published 27/07/20

    See below for 75 fun activities for the summer holidays!

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  • Our Sporting SuperStar 2020!

    Published 25/07/20
    This week some of the teachers surprised this young man by turning up at his house to present him with our annual Sports Award! Since he joined us in our Foundation Unit, he has been running, jumping, hoping, rolling, dancing and wriggling... He neve
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  • And The Hartley Cup Goes To...

    Published 25/07/20
    Congratulations to this young man who was presented with the Hartley Cup this week. A few of the teachers surprised our winner by turning up to his house to present him with the award- he was speechless! The Hartley Cup is awarded every year
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  • Summer Activities

    Published 24/07/20

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  • Important update for September 2020

    Published 23/07/20

    New September start date for pupils: 7th September

    Dear Parents,

    We have recently had funding confirmed to carry out extensive improvements to our school over the summer holidays. This funding will allow us to upgrade crucial parts of the the heating systems across the entire school. Coupled with the insulated roof we have had installed in recent years, this will ensure the building is comfortable and warm for the children at KPNS. In addition to the heating works, our perimeter fencing and all school gates will be replaced or upgraded.

    Although we are delighted to be in a position to carry out these improvements, the allocation of funding and project planning has been significantly delayed due to the Covid-19 situation. In fact, the engineers and designers are still finalising the details of these projects. The planned works are extensive and likely to cause significant disruption and upheaval. As a result, school governors have taken the decision to delay the date that children return to school in September until Monday 7th September.

    Delaying the start of term for children by 2 days will give staff time to ensure the school building and site are fully prepared and safe. We do acknowledge that this situation may cause parents some inconvenience, but given the extent of the planned works governors believe the delay is essential to ensure adequate preparation takes place prior to pupils returning.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


    Peter Cresswell

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  • Dragon's Roar-July 2020!

    Published 21/07/20
    As we draw towards the end of a very unusual school year, we would like to say a massive thank you to all our KPNS families for your ongoing support. It seems like a very long time ago since we were celebrating a hugely positive O
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  • Our Golden Egg Winners!

    Published 17/07/20
    These children have been recognised by their teachers this week for their superb work in school or at home.    Year 5: Izzy - for having a great first week back. She has thrown herself into everything and is ready for Y6! 
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  • The Doodlestar Goes to...Orcas!

    Published 15/07/20
    Well done Orcas!  You have worked really hard to earn those stars this week :) Fantastic Doodling this week to every class. However, our winners are the  Orcas with  1699 stars!! It was a close contest...who will be on top next week
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  • NEW Update

    Published 13/07/20

    At the end of a busy week, we wanted to thank parents for being so supportive and helpful. The children in school have been really sensible and behaved impeccably!

    We thought you’d like to know that all Y6 pupils and all staff members have  received their test results – all have been negative. 

    As ever, members of the SLT will be on the playground on Monday to answer your questions. You can also contact us using


    Mr Cresswell

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  • Important Covd-19 Update

    Published 12/07/20

    Many of you will be aware that a member of staff at KPNS has a confirmed case of Covid-19. This information was passed to school last night when we informed the families of Year 6 children as the member of staff had brief contact with the Y6 bubble.

    We are aware that many of you will have several questions – as such, the following information will allow you to have a fuller understanding of the situation:

    • The member of staff is NOT a teacher or teaching assistant.
    • The member of staff has not been in school since Tuesday 7th July and was NOT showing any symptoms when last in school.
    • Following our hygiene and virus control procedures at all times, the member of staff spent approximately 30 mins in the Y6 classroom, and supervised the Y6 children outside for 30 minutes (On Monday and Tuesday last week).
    • In line with our agreed procedure, we consulted with Public Health England last night who confirmed we should take the following actions:
      • Children in Y6 should book a test and self-isolate until they get their results
      • Some non-teaching members of staff who may have had contact with the infected person should book tests and self-isolate until they get their results. (FYI - these members of staff have already booked their tests or been tested)
      • Other pupils and all teachers and teaching assistants can come to school as normal on Monday because they did not have close contact with the infected person.

    Before confirming that school can open as normal on Monday, Public Health England  did review and discuss our virus control and hygiene measures. In this respect, parents may be reassured to know that staff follow hygiene and virus control measures every day that include: 

    • Using separate staff rooms at breaks and lunch.
    • Regular hand washing and sanitising.
    • Extra cleaning in their classrooms of frequently touched surfaces.

    See our parent FAQs below which contain important information you may find useful, including relevant links to NHS guidance. Considering our situation, the FAQs do confirm that only the children in Y6 need to have a test and self-isolate at the moment. The families of children in Y6 do not need to self-isolate unless they show symptoms.

    We do appreciate that parents will be very concerned about these events, but please remember that staff coming to school on Monday  have children and families of their own and would not choose to open school on Monday if we did not feel we could follow all the recommendations and guidance given by Public Health England. The safety of staff and pupils is of paramount importance to us.

    Finally, the member of staff who contracted Covid-19 reported feeling much better on Saturday and chatted to me for some time – I’m sure you will want to join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.

    As normal, members of the SLT will be on the gate tomorrow to answer your questions.


    Mr Cresswell

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  • Back to School for All – September 2020

    Published 10/07/20

    Following the government’s most recent announcement, we are planning for all pupils to return to school, full time in September. In line with the guidance, we will be focussing on the following areas to reduce the risk of virus transmission:

    • hand and respiratory hygiene
    • enhanced cleaning arrangements
    • avoiding contact between groups
    • maximising distancing between those in school wherever possible
    • ensuring that people who are ill stay at home

    The children in school have become very familiar with these measures in recent weeks, so we feel confident that we will be able to open safely to more pupils from September.

    We will send more information over the next week or so about the routines and practices you and your children will be following.

    The government’s guidance does make it clear that all children must return to school and that attendance in school is NOT optional.

    We’re really looking forward to having all of our children back in school – it has been wonderful to have more children back in school over the last month!

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  • Our Golden Egg Winners!

    Published 10/07/20
    These children have been recognised by their teachers this week for their superb work in school or at home.    Year 6: All our lovely Year 6 Children. You have been such an amazing part of our school and we are so proud of the young p
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