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  • Weekly Class Attendance

    Published 17/09/21

    Attendance for week ending 17th September:-

    Y6 Turing - 92.76%

    Y5 Earhart - 95.26%

    Y3/4 Parks - 97.39%

    Y2 Lovelace - 92.45%

    Y1 Anning - 97.14%

    F2 Little Explorers - 94.76%

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  • Attendance

    Published 15/09/21
    As you know, we have a real focus on ensuring that the children at Keyworth Primary attend school every day, unless there is a legitimate reason why they can't. We are all hoping for a 'normal' school year and, as such, we are re-sha
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  • Free Conference for Parents of Children with Additional Needs

    Published 13/09/21

    Please take a look at the attachment which gives more information and links to the booking site.

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  • Hooray!... We can finally Invite you to come into school to find out about Phonics!

    Published 10/09/21

    It has been such a long time since we were able to welcome parents in to showcase the teaching we do at KPNS!

    On Wednesday 15th  September at 6pm we would like to invite any parents or carers who would like to find out more about how we teach phonics and ultimately how we  help children to become confident little readers.

    Are you new to the school and your child has just started on their Foundation journey and you want to know how to support your child at home or have you already been at school a little while and you would like a refresher on strategies used at school to help children to become independent readers and writers.

    Well,  come to our phonics evening where we will explain the magic of teaching a child how to read.

    Want to know who Fred the Frog is?, What do we mean by Fred fingers and Fred Talk? How do you Fred in your head?

    What on earth are pure sounds and Special Friends? 

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  • Blaze's Reading Lair is Back... FOR EVERYONE!

    Published 03/09/21
    Today we opened Blaze's Reading Lair to everyone for the first time in 18months. It was lovely to see those who attended. Pre-COVID, we had about 40 children and parents attending every morning and we would like to get Reading Lair back to its fo
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  • Back to school! (2/9/21)

    Published 28/08/21

    **Blog updated on 2/9/21 with extra information**

    We are looking forward to welcoming the children back to school on Friday 3rd September. We hope they have had a really good summer and are excited about seeing their friends and teachers again back in school.

    Staff have been working very hard all week to prepare the building alongside heating engineers and contract cleaners. It will be close, but we will be ready!

    When the children return to school, we will be following the government’s latest covid-19 guidance. The guidance is considerably less prescriptive than we have become used to and is based on the following control measures:

    1. Ensure good hygiene for everyone.
    2. Maintain appropriate cleaning regimes.
    3. Keep occupied spaces well ventilated.
    4. Follow public health advice on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19.


    We will continue to use our ‘Rainbow Rules’, and will talk to the children about how they apply to the current situation. Please also take time to discuss these with your children.


    • Distance – We are mindful about social distance when we are inside with adults or children not in our class 

    • Cover – Cough, blow or sneeze? Catch it, kill it, bin it.

    • Speak up – Tell someone if you feel poorly.

    • Wash and Avoid – Wash hands or sanitise for 20 seconds and try not to touch your face.

    • Personalise – Only use equipment that you share in your class.

    • Wellbeing – Share your worries – whatever they are.


    It would really help us if parents could talk to their children about hand washing and also ‘catch-it, bin-it, kill-it’ .

    We would ask all parents to be mindful of social distancing and that only one parent accompanies their child onto the school grounds. Face coverings are optional but we will ask parents to wear a mask when coming into school for meetings.

    Please remember that government advice continues to state that children should not come into school if they have symptoms of covid-19 or have had a positive test result. Everyone with symptoms should self-isolate and  arrange a PCR test.

    What to do at the start and end of the day?

    • F1 - Line up outside the gate to the EYFS outdoor area ready for a 9am start. Children who finish at 3.30 can be collected from the gate. Children finishing at lunch will be collected from the main reception. 
    • F2 - Line up outside their classroom door ready for a 9am start. The children will be released from this door at 3.30pm.
    • Y1 - New classroom! Go straight in from 8.50am through 'Dragon's Den' (the new Y1 classroom). The children will be released from this door at 3.30pm.
    • Y2 - New classroom! Go straight in from 8.50am through the Y2 classroom door (Miss Fowell's old classroom). The children will be taken onto the back playground at 3.30pm and lined up before being released to parents.
    • Y3 & 4 - Line up on front playground ready to be collected by Miss Fowell from 8.50am. Please be prompt! Children will be brought onto the front playground at 3.30pm.
    • Y5 & 6 - As usual, enter through the back doors from 8.50am and exit at 3.30pm.

    Mr Cresswell, Mrs King and Mrs Buttery will be oustside to help direct parents before school.

    Blaize’s Reading Lair will be open from 8.30am in the dining room. Children in Y5&6 can come to Reading Lair alone, but younger children must be accompanied by an adult. Adults coming into school for Reading Lair are asked to wear a face covering when entering an leaving the building, taking it off when reading with their child.

    Are you prepared for tomorrow? Your child will need:

    • Labelled PE kit and water bottle
    • Correct, labelled school uniform (remember, black shoes and not trainers)
    • Long hair tied back
    • No jewellery other than stud ear rings
    • School book bag

    If you have any questions about the return to school, particularly if your child has any specific health issues, please contact us on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday next week.

    Best regards,

    The KPNS Team


    PS Why not get ahead and ensure your child is on teh green zone on Doodle?


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  • Welcome Mrs O'Connor!

    Published 24/08/21
    Today we are delighted to announce that our lovely Miss Simpson and her partner, Pete, finally got chance to tie the knot! This is part one of their special day, which has been postponed several times due to COVID 19, but they will be having fur
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  • Childcare 2/9/21

    Published 23/08/21

    Dear Parents and Carers, 

    I contacted you on Friday to let you know that the first day back to school for children next week will now be Friday 3rd September. A copy of the blog can be found below.

    I do appreciate that the last minute delays to the heating project in school may cause some families considerable inconvenience - especially those families who require childcare due to work commitments. Consequently, we have agreed subsidised childcare with Windmills that day for up to 20 children. The cost has been reduced to £15, with families of 3 or more children paying a maximum of £30. The childcare is available between 8am and 5pm and is based at KPNS - if you are interested, please email .

    Please be assured that this decision to delay the children's return has not been taken lightly. Contractors have confirmed again today that the site is not safe for teaching staff to attend and that work will continue next week to ensure the building is prepared for the children's return.

    Best regards,

    Peter Cresswell

    Click here to see pictures of the ongoing work in school

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    Published 20/08/21

    New September start date for pupils: FRIDAY 3rd September

    Dear Parents,

    We were awarded funding in July to complete the upgrade of our heating system that was started last year. Overall, the project will cost in excess of ¾ million pounds and will ensure the building is comfortable and warm for the children at KPNS for many years to come.

    Although we are delighted to be in a position to carry out these improvements, project preparation was delayed due to the Covid-19 situation meaning that timescales to complete the project over the summer were very tight. This is an extensive project with works being carried out in every room and area of school, causing significant disruption and upheaval – school staff have not been able to enter the building at all over the summer.

    A number of factors, including a burst mains water pipe in school, now mean that the project will not be completed in time for school staff to prepare the building for 2/9/21, ready for the children's return as originally planned. The contractors have told us today that they will still be on site on 2/9/21.

    As a result, school governors have taken the decision to delay the date that children return to school in September until Friday 3rd September.

    Delaying the start of term for children by 1 day will give staff time to ensure the school building and site are fully prepared and safe. We do acknowledge that this situation may cause parents some inconvenience, but given the extent of the planned works governors believe the delay is essential to ensure adequate preparation takes place prior to pupils returning.

    We are currently working with Windmills Childcare to offer subsidised childcare for a limited number of children on 2/9/21 to support families who need childcare that day due to work commitments. We will share more information about this next week.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


    Peter Cresswell

    Click here to see pictures of the ongoing work in school

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  • Thinking about September already?!

    Published 26/07/21

    We know you have only just begun your holidays, but we thought a few reminders about September would be helpful to help with your planning over the coming weeks.

    School Uniform for Keyworth Primary:

    • Grey skirt or pinafore dress
    • Black or grey trousers or shorts
    • White blouse or shirt
    • Red and white checked dress
    • Red sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece
    • Flat, plain black shoes that do not feature branding  (not trainers)
    • If your child wears earrings, please ensure that they are only STUD earrings.

    For PE:

    • Black/ navy shorts
    • White T-shirt (non-branded)
    • Plimsolls or trainers 
    • Tracksuit/ warm top for cold weather 
    • Long hair must be tied back.


    If you are planning on getting your child’s ears pierced, please do so at the beginning of the holidays so that they have time heal.

    For Swimming (Yr 3 and 4 will begin this in the Autumn Term):

    • Boys- trunks (not shorts – this is very much enforced by the instructors) and a towel.
    • Girls- one piece swimming costume and a towel.
    • The Local Authority discourages the wearing of goggles on safety grounds. Children will only be allowed to wear them if a parent sends in a letter of permission. 
    • Long hair must be tied back.


    Whilst we know that Covid restriction easing may mean that holidays in term time may be tempting, please remember that there is certain criteria for these being authorised. These being:

    Exceptional circumstances could include:

    1. Service personnel returning from a tour of duty abroad where it is evidenced the individual will not be in receipt of any leave in the near future that coincides with school holidays
    2. Where an absence from school is recommended by a health professional as part of a parent or child’s rehabilitation from a medical or emotional issue
    3. The death or terminal illness of a person close to the family
    4. Out of school programmes such as music, arts or sport operating at a high standard of achievement
    5. Religious observance – The Education Act 1996 S444(3)(c) states “on any day exclusively set apart for religious observance by the religious body to which his/her parent belongs”
    6. A day to attend a wedding, funeral, etc

    A family holiday is NOT an exceptional circumstance and school will be expected to begin enforcement proceedings in such circumstances. As such, any holidays taken in term time are likely to result in a penalty notice, and a fine, being served by Notts County Council.

    Please arrange to meet with Mr Cresswell, Mrs Holmes or Mrs King if you feel that your child requires time away from school owing to any of the exceptional circumstance above. 

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  • She's Here.... Finally!

    Published 26/07/21
    Please join us in congratulating Miss Waugh and her partner, Tom, on the safe arrival of their daughter. Heidi Grace was born yesterday weighing 6lb 10oz and is simply perfect. Miss Waugh is doing well and can't wait for all the children and
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