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Egg Rolling Must Go On!

This would have been th 21st year in a row for our annual egg rolling competition so we must find a way for it to go on!

We will not be beaten!

At some point over the next week can you set up an egg rolling competition in your house like the one above or our traditional.... see how close under the chair you can get it to land?

Then video you rolling your eggs and send it to us? 

As we are hoping to get lots of videos from different classes please send it to

Obviously your choice of eggs might be interesting as we normally use rubber ones as they don't break as easily. The choice is up to you, but roll carefully if using fresh eggs!

The teachers will be involved as usual, as we know they are a very competitive bunch!

Latest news just added!



Just a couple or tips when recording a video that we might be able to put on the website (to choose the winners!)

When recording,  do not say anyones name as we avoid putting  a video on our website where a child can be identified by their name.

We obviously don't use any words that are unkind or inappropriate.

We look forward to seeing you rolling those eggs!

To get you in the Easter mood watch this Easter video and get moving!