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Can we help you?

We are here to help, please shout out! 

Dear families

The Keyworth Community Project have managed to secure some funds to help those in our community who are in need of support at this difficult time. We are very aware that there may be a significant number of families in our community whose financial circumstances will have changed due to the current lockdown, and maybe finding it a struggle to manage the budget. We do not wish any families to be struggling with food bills when there is something that we can do.

We are working with Mrs King at Keyworth Primary and Nursery School to help co-ordinate this project which ensures that all information will be retained within school and remain confidential. 

We are looking to issue shopping vouchers for the Wolds Drive Co-op in Keyworth to enable everyone who needs support to stock up on some essential items. This will mean that if you are without transport you should have no difficulty in spending these vouchers. This has already been agreed with the Co-op and these vouchers will exclude any tobacco and alcohol items.

If you would like to request a voucher, please email Mrs King at and we will work together to get this delivered to you. We have a limited number of vouchers available but we will aim to help every family who get in touch with us. 

Kind regards

Keyworth Community Project