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Support with The Return to School

Ideas for parents to use with their child to prepare them for their return to school.

We hope that the information about returning to school provided so far has been helpful – remember that we are here to answer any further questions you may have.

We are still aiming to re-open for children in F2 (some children in F1), Year One and Year Six from 8th June. For those children who are returning to school , there may be a variety of feelings being experienced. Children may be excited; happy; confused; apprehensive etc - and a mix of all of these! This is only natural, so just reassure your child that it is normal to feel a range of emotions or even just one of these.

The aim of the information below is to provide you with some ideas about how to support your child’s transition from home to school – actually, they are rather like the activities you may have done when your child first started school.

There is also a ‘Social Situation’ which is attached. You can work through this with your child. Just like adults, feelings of apprehension can be reduced if we know what we should expect from a situation.

If you have any specific concerns about your child’s transition back to school and/or you feel that there is some information that we need to know in order to support your child, then please contact Mrs Holmes via the school office, 0115 9748005 or


Some Ideas to Support Children Before they return to school


  • Take daily walks past the school to re-familiarise the children with the building. Talk about some of the good memories they may have from school. E.g. point to the hall and say ‘do you remember when we came to see you collect your Golden Egg? That was a lovely day’.
  • Use countdowns and calendars to indicate the run-up to starting back to school.
  • Re-familiarise your child with their uniform, lunch bag and bottle etc.
  • Replicate school lunch times at home. For example, if the child has a packed lunch, they could have lunch from their lunch boxes as they would at school.
  • Re-establish your child’s usual term time bedtime and morning routine – it may make that first day back a little easier!
  • Practise our ‘Rainbow Rules’ and show your child some pictures of the school as we have set it out – talk to your child about the black and yellow tape and why it is important.