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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

Well done to Our Golden Egg Winners this week!

These children have been recognised by their teachers this week for their superb work in school or at home. Well done- a certificate will be sent to you in the post! 


Year 6: Jacob

For working extremely hard at home in all subjects, not just this week, but throughout the time he has spent learning from home. I have been particularly pleased to read some excellent, imaginative writing from Jacob for our weekly writing challenges.


Year 5: Sophie 

For coming back to school after a long time away with confidence and a positive attitude! And for doing so much work at home on her time tables which has rocketed her maths! 


Year 4: Grace

For her outstanding focus and participation in her home learning. We have been especially impressed with her resilience when doing things she finds tricky. Keep up the great work. :-) 


Year 3: Charlie

Charlie has been working hard at his home learning every week and he is always producing fantastic topic and Maths work.  You're a home learning star! 


Year 1/2: Louie 

Louie has been a star this week he has come back into school with a positive attitude, drive to succeed and a smile on his face!


F2: Max

For his consistently high participation whilst he is home learning. Amazing effort and seeking challenges every day!



F1: Flynn

For his fantastic effort at home working on his physical development- He has learnt to pedal his bike!!! Well done for trying so hard and never giving up.