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Important Covd-19 Update

Many of you will be aware that a member of staff at KPNS has a confirmed case of Covid-19. This information was passed to school last night when we informed the families of Year 6 children as the member of staff had brief contact with the Y6 bubble.

We are aware that many of you will have several questions – as such, the following information will allow you to have a fuller understanding of the situation:

  • The member of staff is NOT a teacher or teaching assistant.
  • The member of staff has not been in school since Tuesday 7th July and was NOT showing any symptoms when last in school.
  • Following our hygiene and virus control procedures at all times, the member of staff spent approximately 30 mins in the Y6 classroom, and supervised the Y6 children outside for 30 minutes (On Monday and Tuesday last week).
  • In line with our agreed procedure, we consulted with Public Health England last night who confirmed we should take the following actions:
    • Children in Y6 should book a test and self-isolate until they get their results
    • Some non-teaching members of staff who may have had contact with the infected person should book tests and self-isolate until they get their results. (FYI - these members of staff have already booked their tests or been tested)
    • Other pupils and all teachers and teaching assistants can come to school as normal on Monday because they did not have close contact with the infected person.

Before confirming that school can open as normal on Monday, Public Health England  did review and discuss our virus control and hygiene measures. In this respect, parents may be reassured to know that staff follow hygiene and virus control measures every day that include: 

  • Using separate staff rooms at breaks and lunch.
  • Regular hand washing and sanitising.
  • Extra cleaning in their classrooms of frequently touched surfaces.

See our parent FAQs below which contain important information you may find useful, including relevant links to NHS guidance. Considering our situation, the FAQs do confirm that only the children in Y6 need to have a test and self-isolate at the moment. The families of children in Y6 do not need to self-isolate unless they show symptoms.

We do appreciate that parents will be very concerned about these events, but please remember that staff coming to school on Monday  have children and families of their own and would not choose to open school on Monday if we did not feel we could follow all the recommendations and guidance given by Public Health England. The safety of staff and pupils is of paramount importance to us.

Finally, the member of staff who contracted Covid-19 reported feeling much better on Saturday and chatted to me for some time – I’m sure you will want to join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.

As normal, members of the SLT will be on the gate tomorrow to answer your questions.


Mr Cresswell