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Updates for Parents

Taking a child’s temperature

If a child in school comments that they are feeling unwell, for any reason, we are now frequently using a non-contact electronic thermometer to take their temperature. Rest assured, if we have any concerns about your child’s health or temperature, we will be in touch immediately.


Social Media

Please remember not to use children’s names or pictures when posting comments about school on social media. In addition, if you have a questions or comments about any issue or event at school, we would much rather you brought them directly to school rather than posting about them on social media. We can often resolve any issues quickly if they are brought directly to us and then, if necessary, communicate with all parents by text. Social media occasionally ‘muddies the water’, making it harder for us to resolve issues for the benefit of our pupils. Any help with this would be hugely appreciated.


School Car Park

We have recently noticed a few parents bringing their cars onto the school car park, or cutting through the car park on foot, when leaving or arriving at school. See below for why the school car park is not safe for parents to bring children onto site:


• Part of the car park is currently being used by 2 separate contractors for storage. This means lorries and vans arrive at different times of the day, collecting and making deliveries. This is likely to continue for several weeks.

• The school car park is used by 4 different groups during the day who all occupy space on the Keyworth Primary School site. This means the car park is normally full, with some staff having to park on side roads near school. If parents drive onto the school car park they will often have to stop on the double yellow lines on the left as you enter. In the last year, a fire engine that attended the school could not get close to the school as the entrance was made too narrow by someone parking on the double yellow lines. All staff and visitors are regularly reminded not to park on the double yellow lines – the Fire Service made it clear we should ensure they can safely come on site at all times and access the building.

• There is a great deal of pedestrian traffic passing the car park gates on the pavement at the start and end of the school day. Allowing parents to come in and out of the car park at peak times puts pedestrians at increased risk.

• In the next week or so, security gates will be fitted on the entrance to school from the car park. This means that parents who try to use the car park would need to walk their children back through the car park gates onto the pavement before entering school through the gates on Nottingham Road. With regular deliveries and staff arriving at school, this would put the children at risk as they would be walking immediately where cars are swinging into the car park. Thanks in advance for your support keeping pupils at Keyworth Primary safe.

NB We will be closing the school gates for a few weeks in the morning and at home time as a visual reminder that the car park is not safe for children or for parental access.

Lockdown Learning

Parents of children in Y1,2,3,4,5 & 6: Click here to read about how you can prepare to support your child's learning in any potential future lockdown.

Mrs Boon and Mrs Lindley will be in touch with parents of children in F1 and F2 about any potential home learning.