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Since the early days of the Coronavirus lockdown, we, at Keyworth Community Projects have been helping those within our community in a variety of ways. This has truly helped to bring our community together in a stronger and more cohesive way.

Now, with the end of furlough in sight, redundancies increasing, and local groups/bubble groups being asked to isolate we understand two key things. The future for some is scarily uncertain and that our being here with help and support is as important as ever before.

We have secured funds to help families financially with Co-op vouchers, to spend as you wish in store on food and household products. We can also provide information of organisations that will help you put more permanent plans in place, whether that be with applying for benefits or looking for new work.

Please get in touch, your details will not be passed on and any items will be delivered as discreetly as possible.

Just email us and we will get back to you.

Kind regards

Keyworth Community Projects