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School Staff: Covid-19 Testing

From next week, staff in primary schools are being asked to use a covid-19 self-testing kit twice a week and report their results to the DfE and to school. The aim of testing is to break the chain of transmission of COVID-19. Testing will help identify and isolate more asymptomatic people who might otherwise spread the virus.  

If a member of staff tests positive, we will need to notify parents and close, or partially close, bubbles in school. The length of time a bubble is closed will depend the outcome of a second test the staff member will need to take.

Although this testing regime aims to make our school safer for staff and children, it seems likely that there will be some disruption as a result of any positive tests that may not ordinarily have been detected.

For parents accessing our critical worker provision in schools, it would seem sensible to ensure you are familiar with our home school offer using the SeeSaw app (or Tapestry for EYFS). This will enable your child to access education in the event of a bubble being closed.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.