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Childcare 2/9/21

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I contacted you on Friday to let you know that the first day back to school for children next week will now be Friday 3rd September. A copy of the blog can be found below.

I do appreciate that the last minute delays to the heating project in school may cause some families considerable inconvenience - especially those families who require childcare due to work commitments. Consequently, we have agreed subsidised childcare with Windmills that day for up to 20 children. The cost has been reduced to £15, with families of 3 or more children paying a maximum of £30. The childcare is available between 8am and 5pm and is based at KPNS - if you are interested, please email .

Please be assured that this decision to delay the children's return has not been taken lightly. Contractors have confirmed again today that the site is not safe for teaching staff to attend and that work will continue next week to ensure the building is prepared for the children's return.

Best regards,

Peter Cresswell

Click here to see pictures of the ongoing work in school



New September start date for pupils: FRIDAY 3rd September

Dear Parents,

We were awarded funding in July to complete the upgrade of our heating system that was started last year. Overall, the project will cost in excess of ¾ million pounds and will ensure the building is comfortable and warm for the children at KPNS for many years to come.

Although we are delighted to be in a position to carry out these improvements, project preparation was delayed due to the Covid-19 situation meaning that timescales to complete the project over the summer were very tight. This is an extensive project with works being carried out in every room and area of school, causing significant disruption and upheaval – school staff have not been able to enter the building at all over the summer.

A number of factors, including a burst mains water pipe in school, now mean that the project will not be completed in time for school staff to prepare the building for 2/9/21, ready for the children's return as originally planned. The contractors have told us today that they will still be on site on 2/9/21.

As a result, school governors have taken the decision to delay the date that children return to school in September until Friday 3rd September.

Delaying the start of term for children by 1 day will give staff time to ensure the school building and site are fully prepared and safe. We do acknowledge that this situation may cause parents some inconvenience, but given the extent of the planned works governors believe the delay is essential to ensure adequate preparation takes place prior to pupils returning.

We are currently working with Windmills Childcare to offer subsidised childcare for a limited number of children on 2/9/21 to support families who need childcare that day due to work commitments. We will share more information about this next week.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Peter Cresswell