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Blaze's Reading Lair is Back... FOR EVERYONE!

Today we opened Blaze's Reading Lair to everyone for the first time in 18months. It was lovely to see those who attended. Pre-COVID, we had about 40 children and parents attending every morning and we would like to get Reading Lair back to its former glory as soon as we can. As we have many new families, I thought that I would tell everyone a bit about it. Please (old and new families) take a few minutes to read about our fabulous Reading Lair. 

Why did we start Blaze's Reading Lair? 

About four years ago we consulted with parents about the barriers they face when trying to read with their children at home. The feedback we received focused on 2 main points:

  • Parents found it tricky to read with younger children after school as they had already done a long day of learning and they were tired and often reluctant to read at home. 
  • Older pupils attend a variety of after school activities and clubs so found it hard to fit in reading around these. 

Our response to this feedback was to open Blaze's Reading Lair every morning at 8:30am. Younger children are often up from the crack of dawn, so before school was a better time for them and many of the older children took the opportunity to do their reading in the morning. Feedback from the parents and children who attended Reading Lair pre-covid was extremely positive and they said that it made reading more enjoyable for themselves and their children. Parents also found that being in the school environment helped reluctant readers because they could see other children around them doing their reading too. 


When and where is Reading Lair? 

It takes place every school day (Monday – Friday) at 8:30am in the school's dining room. We ask that all those attending come round the back and enter through the back door. A member of staff will be there to let you in. At the end of lair, the older children go straight up to their classrooms and the younger ones will be walked round by their parents to their usual entrance. 


Who can attend?


Children who are in Year 5 and 6 can attend Reading Lair on their own. It gives them a great chance to build independence and start taking personal responsibility for their own learning. Mrs King or another member of staff is always in lair to supervise. 

Children from F1 to Y4 can attend but we ask for them to come with a parent or carer and enjoy reading their reading book or a picture book together (we always have a selection of lovely picture books you can choose from in lair).


Do we have to attend every day? 

No. Lots of our families would come every day but some would choose two or three mornings and make it part of their weekly routine. 


What do we need to bring? 

Children will need to bring their reading book and home/school book so that they can record their reading and receive their stamp. We always have selection of topic books and picture books in lair too if you would like to read something different. 

We ask adults attending to enter wearing a face mask but they may take it off when they are sat reading with their child. 


What if my child doesn't want to come? 

Reading is the top priority for all children in primary school; it would be good if you could encourage them to attend. Children who attend Reading Lair prior to COVID showed accelerated progress in their fluency, comprehension and confidence. Once they got into the routine of coming, they enjoyed it and looked forward to it. 

We also offer termly incentives to children who have been attending regularly.  Each time a child attends Reading Lair, they get a stamp in their home/school book. At the end of each term, those who have attended well will receive a personal invitation to a special treat. We also send invitations out to their parents too so they can join in the fun. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs King, Mr Cresswell or Mrs Buttery and we will be happy to help.