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Homework Expectations Reminder.

We have noticed a dip in children meeting our school homework expectations. In our recent parent survey, 97% of parents said that they knew how to support their child at home. Please encourage your child to keep up with our homework expectations as at KPNS we know that the children who meet our homework expectations make better progress and are better prepared for secondary school. We know it can be challenging sometimes so please talk to your child's class teacher if we can help with anything. 


We have the following expectations of homework across school and would welcome your support with this:


  • Read to an adult and record in their home/school book at least 3 times a week. 
  • Stay in the green zone on DoodleMaths (roughly works out to about 30mins spread over the week)
  • Stay in the green zone on DoodleSpell (Y2 only) 
  • Participating in the reading awards over the term.


  • Read to an adult or to yourself and record in home/school book at least 3 times a week. 
  • Stay in the green zone on DoodleMaths (roughly works out to about 40mins spread over the week)
  • Stay in the green zone on DoodleSpell (All weekly spellings will be on DoodleSpell for the children to practise each week).
  • Participating in the reading awards over the term.
  • Stay in the green zone on DoodleTables (Y4 only)

Optional homework includes:

  • Having a go at some of the topic homework tasks blogged by the teachers at the start of every term.


We understand that, on occasions, there may be very good reasons why your child has not managed to complete their weekly homework. For these occasions, please communicate with your child’s class teacher so that they can support with this. You can do this through emailing or calling the school office to request a call back.

We are also aware that, as parents (especially of the older children), you may have assumed that they have done their homework when perhaps they haven’t. Therefore, we will send out fortnightly reminder messages if your child has not yet completed their work so that you can offer encouragement or support at home.

Thank you, as always, for your support.