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Updates to Attendance Procedures

Changes to Keyworth Primary and Nursery School's attendance procedures. 

Over the past few years we have communicated how important it is that children have good school attendance. We know that poor school attendance negatively impacts the eduction achievements of children. Whilst most children at Keyworth Primary attend well (over 95%) there are a significant minority who do not - parents/carers will be aware if their child attended for less than 90% last year (classed by the government as being persistently absent). We have made some changes to our attendance procedures which we hope will support with each child in school achieving excellent attendance. 

1) At the end of each half-term, children who have attendance of 95% or above will be entered into a draw to win a £15 Smyths or Amazon voucher (parents/carers to have a choice). Obviously, children are ill from time to time, so the calculations will start again at the beginning of each half-term. 

2) We will continue to inform parents of their child's attendance, as we have done over the past few years. If a child's attendance drops to 92% then we will ask parents/carers to come into school to form an attendance success plan with a member of SLT. 

3) If a child is ill very frequently and his/her attendance is becoming a concern, we will request evidence of medical appointments. If a child has a significant long term condition then we will ask parents to let us know - we do understand that serious conditions may impact attendance. 

4) In line with many other pre-schools, we will request parents/carers of children in F1 to inform us if their child will not be attending for one of their pre-school sessions.