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Staying Safe in the Sun!

We all LOVE playing in the sun and now we know how to stay safe too!

This term we have been working toward our Sun Safe accreditation, all pupils have learnt about Sun Safety in assembly and in class to reinforce key Sun Safe messaging and to develop their understanding of the importance of Sun Safety.

It is recommended that parents apply sunscreen before school during summer months. However, please note that your child may still need to reapply their sunscreen at school to ensure protection during peak UV hours (between 11am and 3pm).  Parents are welcome to send sunscreen in to school with their children but please ensure that is clearly labelled with their name.

It is recommended that all sunscreen provided by parents should have a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30+, be 'broad-spectrum' to provide both UVA and UVB protection and if labelled with a UVA star rating, carry a minimum of 4 stars

We ask that parents also ensure their child has access to a suitable sun hat that is clearly labelled and kept at school .

We have attached some activities for you to look at together with your child at home. They will also be bringing home some information this week for you to look through together.

Enjoy the sun, but stay safe!