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 Age Appropriate Games= Happy and Safe Gamers!

Games can help people of all ages to develop skills such as collaboration, problem solving, fairness and strategic thinking. They are a great way of encouraging creativity and imagination by engaging players with fantastic or realistic worlds. And creating games requires 21st century blend of STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art and maths).

However, when children are exposed to games and other media which in not age appropriate, it can be extremely damaging. provides details on PEGI age ratings and available ‘parental control’ options –as well as other advice from real families about how to get the most from the games you play and ways to manage your child’s activity – keeping them safe and happy online.

The right information about games ensures that your family can make informed decisions about what you play and how you play it, ultimately leading to a better experience for all, and letting you rest assured that youngsters you care for are only exposed to age-appropriate games.