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12 E-safety tips for christmas

Dear Parent/Carer,
As Christmas is getting closer, children and young people all over the country will be writing lists to Santa or giving hints about what they would like under the tree.
Technology is now a very popular item on many children’s lists with tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smartwatches likely to be asked for this year.
Whilst we want children to enjoy their presents, it is also important that parents look at ways to ensure that their children use these devices safely.
This includes setting parental controls and understanding that video games have PEGI ratings similar to the classification for films.
Other things that you may want to consider is managing screen time so that you can monitor the amount of time being spent on each device.
This is useful for meal times or during the school holidays.
Finally, once the tinsel has come down and we welcome the New Year, make sure that you talk to your children about online safety.