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e-safety this Easter

The week before a holiday is always an E-safety week at KPNS

This is because the children will have a lot more leisure time whilst on holiday and this often involves time spent using technology that connects up to the internet.

Over the last few weeks several children have commented on the fact that they have had nasty things said to to them whilst playing a game that is connected to the internet.

Our focus this week, as well as general safety rules, will be to reinforce the fact that not all people on the internet are who they say they are.

This is of particular importance as some of the children who have told us about the unpleasant comments have been from the younger members of the school who are most vulnerable.

We will be having a special assembly with the whole of the school this week to play them the video's below and have a discussion about the issues they bring up. We will be asking the children to show these videos to their parents and carer's and discuss them at home.