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Meet the team!

Here's a reminder of the teaching team for September. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find profiles our new teachers have prepared for their classes - have a read of the profiles to find out about the newest members of the team!

  • Preschool will now be based in the old F2 classroom. Mrs Jones, who currently works with our youngest children, will be part of the team and we will be recruiting an additional member of staff for the preschool. We are really excited about this new class as we will be able to focus on their needs and stage of development in a newly refurbished teaching area.

  • F1 and F2 will now be based in the Foundation unit. With approximately 26 children in the unit, there will be 2 teachers to ensure each group get the support and guidance they need to get off to a fantastic start at KPNS! We are pleased that Mrs Boon will be working alongside our newly appointed Foundation lead, Mrs Oakes. Mrs Oakes has a huge amount of experience working with children of this age and can’t wait to start here at KPNS. Parents of children in F2 will get the chance to meet her in the coming weeks. More information to follow about the new starters’ meeting.

  • Y1 and Y2 will be taught together as they have been this year. This group already work well together and can access the KS1 curriculum through shared projects. This class will have a good deal of TA support from Miss Waugh and we will be welcoming back Mrs Betts, who many of you will know from last year. Mrs Betts liked it at KPNS so much that she jumped at the chance to return, working alongside Mrs Lindley!

  • Y3 will be taught together, not in a mixed-age class like this year. We expect there to be 25 children in this class making it smaller than the current classes we have at KPNS. We have appointed Miss Hopwood, an experienced teacher moving into the area from Manchester. Miss Hopwood comes with excellent references and will be a hugely valuable member of the team.

  • Y4 will be taught together as a single year group. This will be a small class of less than 20 children meaning the children will get all the individual attention they need to flourish. Miss Dibley, a teacher who has spent the last year working at Crossdale, will be joining us at KPNS from September. As we already work so closely with Crossdale, Miss Dibley is well aware of our systems and expectations.

  • Y5 will also be taught as a single year. This will be a small class of less than 20 children meaning the children will get all the individual attention they need to flourish. Miss Rayns, who many of you know, has been training to be a teacher this year at KPNS, has impressed us so much that we have offered her a position teaching the Year 5 children. As a Newly Qualified Teacher, Miss Rayns will be supported by Mrs King. Mrs King will spend much of her time in Y5 but will also support and mentor the other new teachers who are joining the team. Mrs King’s role will continue to be heavily classroom based.

  • Y6 will be taught in a single age class by Mrs McCue, who you all know very well! She has already started transition work with this class so they will be raring to go in September.

    You will all be pleased to know that Miss Peck will be continuing her role at KPNS, supporting groups of children in KS2 and delivering her fantastic art lessons.