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Help Your Child Become A Super Speller!

Here are some top tips to help your child with learning their spellings at home. 

All children from Years 1-6 will have weekly spellings to learn at home. Attached are all the spelling list for each year group for the first half term. These spellings will also be coming home in your child's home/school book each week. 

Learning to spell is a highly complex business. Some children learn to spell effortlessly – most get there in the end, but too many find the process of learning to spell arduous, painstaking and, sadly, boring.

For children to succeed in spelling, it must be made fun, enjoyable and interesting.  Children only really become good at spelling by practising over and over again and this is best done in fun and interesting ways. With that in mind, here are some super top tips and fun activities you could try at home:

 Spelling Rainbows
Choose your 3 favourite crayons to rainbow write your spelling words. Write each word first in pencil. Then trace over each word three times. Each time you trace, you must use a different colour crayon. 
Silly Sentences
Write ten silly sentences using a spelling word in each sentence. Please underline your spelling words! Write your sentences neatly!
Backwards Words
Write your spelling words forwards and then backwards. 
Example  where     erehw Colour       ruoloc
ABC Order
Write your spelling words in alphabetical order. Be sure to look at the first letter of each word. If the first letter is the same, look at the second letter.
Spelling Paragraph
 Write a paragraph using ALL of your spelling words. Be sure to underline your spelling words in your paragraph. 
Draw and Label
Draw and label ten of your spelling words neatly. You MUST colour your drawings and labels.
Don‟t forget to add a lot of great detail. Do your very best work!
Squiggly Spelling Words
Choose ten spelling words.
You are going to write them two times. Write them first in squiggly letters. Then write them once more in regular letters. 
Blue Vowels
 Write EACH of your spelling words out neatly. 
You will need a BLUE coloured pencil. Trace over ALL the vowels in each word with your blue coloured pencil.  Vowels= A E I O U
Bubble Letters
Write six or your spelling words in bubble letters neatly. After you write your words in bubble letters, colour your words with a crayon or coloured pencil. 
Acrostic Poem
Choose ONE of your spelling words. Write an acrostic poem for that word.  You must also ILLUSTRATE your poem.  Example      Fun in the sun Fly               Laps around clouds                    Yes! I‟m free!
Spelling Shapes
Write each of your spelling words neatly. Then go back and draw a circle around consonants and draw a square around the vowels. 
Spelling Riddles
 Choose 5 spelling words and write riddles for these words. Don‟t forget to add the answer to your riddle. 
Spelling Picture
Choose ten of your spellings. Draw a picture incorporating all of your spellings somehow into the picture. Ask someone else to guess your spelling words by looking at your picture. As they are looking, try and spell their guesses!
Spelling Scrabble
Spell each of your words with scrabble tiles. Then add up the point value using the numbers on each tile. Write the words in order according to their point value from greatest to least. 
Playdough Spelling
Roll a small amount of play dough into a ball. Turn your ball of play dough into a play dough pancake. Take a toothpick and carefully write a spelling word in the play dough. With your finger, smooth out the word and start over with another spelling word. Write all of your spelling words in this way.
Fancy Letters
Write each of your spelling words neatly using fancy letters. Your letters can have curly-q‟s or dots, for example. Have fun and be creative
Rhyming Words
Choose eight of your spelling words. First write each spelling neatly. Think of a rhyming word for each spelling word. Write the new rhyming word next to your spelling word.  *Example: Cries    Tries