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I am

Eloise in Y6 wrote this poem. Under the theme of 'I am' , Eloise decided she would like to be a spirit. This was inspired by Eloise's  dad who passed away 3 years ago. As a spirit, Eloise would be able to see her father again.             


I am helpful and polite

I wonder what my future will be

I hear a flutter of an angel

I see a sprit

I want to go back to childhood

I am helpful and polite


I pretend to be a national dancer

I feel a pair of fairy wings

I touch a winters cloud  

I worry who I'll be when I’m  older

I cry for my dad and dad-dad

 I am helpful and kind


I understand your worries

I say I love you

I dream to be an actress  

I try my best at maths

I hope to live forever

I am helpful and polite