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Young Voices

By Izzy, Freya, Polly and Emily (Y6)

On Friday 22nd year 3-6 had a WONDERFUL day at Sheffield Arena for YOUNG VOICES! It was a great experience with just over 5000 children singing and boogying the whole night till 9:30pm! Just before the actual performance we had a quick rehearsal with David our wonderful conductor. We were still buzzing when we ventured out of the arena: we just loved it… ALL OF IT!

It was especially amazing when Urban Stride came on stage and started busting their fabulous street dance moves! Our favourite stunt was when Josh (from the Dance Studio) did a backflip! Also, it was cool when the Beatbox Collection came on stage and we had a competition between all of the kids and the parents (I think we were better, although they did do very well!). Swiftly after, Tom Billington made all our jaws drop with astonishment when he came out singing ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ and his new song ‘Hyper!’ (Which he wrote especially for Young Voices). Elegantly, Laura Wright sang ‘Invincible’ with a Teacher Choir, they were stunning!

When the lights went down everyone turned on their YV torches on and it looked like twinkling stars in the night sky. We sang a variety of different songs including: The Gospel Medley, Transport of Delight, Power in Me, Invincible, Video Killed the Radio Star, Get Loud, Uptown Funk and if you are old enough to remember Utter Madness!

Thank you to all the teachers for organising this wonderful opportunity for all of KS2 to enjoy!