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  • The Choir Lighting up the Square

    Published 01/12/18

    What a lovely way to spend the 1st of December.

    We were asked to start the celebrations in the Square at Keyworth.

    The children sang their three songs beautifully and made us all very proud.

    Thanks to everyone for their support and WELL DONE to all of the children who sang in front of a large crowd.

    Merry Christmas!

    Video of the event coming shortly!

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  • Parking - Please be safe and courteous!

    Published 30/11/18

    We continually receive complaints from residents about parking near school that is often dangerous and frequently discourteous to residents. Please do not park on the areas indicated by the red lines below, especially blocking drive ways or gates. It is particularly important not to block the cul-de-sac that leads to school - this is the route that fire engines and ambulances would use in the event of an emergency.

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  • Christmas production 2018

    Published 30/11/18

    This year we are having a traditional carol service based around the poem"Twas the Night Before Christmas"

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  • Being Internet Legends!

    Published 23/11/18

    Wow what an amazing morning..... Key Stage 2 were all legends!

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  • road safety week...

    Published 21/11/18

    What a perfect time to discuss road safety, just when the nights are getting darker and leading up to the Christmas holidays. From walking to cycling, it is very important we encourage children to keep safe while travelling to and from school. 

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  • School Attendance

    Published 21/11/18

    All schools see a link between good attendance and children achieving their potential. Some parents at KPNS recently received a letter detailing the attendance of their child since September - we will be contacting families again soon if the attendance of their child falls below 90% as these children are very likely to fall behind with their school work.

    We have noticed an increase in unauthorised absences recently, and as such want to draw your attention to the letter attached below that was sent out last November. The letter details how Notts County Council issue penalty charges of £120 where there is unacceptable absence from school. Parents should be aware, especially if their child's attendance is already low, that a penalty charge could be issued.

    Please contact school if you would like to discuss this matter further.

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  • Fund Raising for Ward 40.

    Published 17/11/18

    What a lovely day at school raising money for Ward 40 at the Queens Medical Hospital.

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  • Lest We Forget.

    Published 13/11/18

    100th Anniversary of The Armistice in Keyworth.

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  • Dragon's roar Newsletter

    Published 26/10/18

    What a Fantastic Half Term... 

    We've had a great half-term here at KPNS! The children have responded really well to the new staff team and are working super-hard! Please continue to support the school and your children's progress by reading regularly at home, using our maths apps and keeping up to date with what is happening in school. Don't forget to sign up for our regular blogs CLICK HERE to subscribe.

    Winter is Coming... 

    Playtimes are getting cold...Named hats, gloves, scarves and coats please!   

    Reading Lair: 

    Thank you to all the parents and children who have been attending Blaze’s Reading Lair this half term. It has been super busy, and we can’t wait to see you all in November.  

    Booster Seats: 

    We are looking for 2 or 3 booster seats to keep in school for when we are transporting our younger children. If you have one which you no longer require, please pop it into the school office. Thank you! 



    As a school we understand the importance of good communication and we work really hard to make sure that all our parents get key information in a timely fashion via the website, email and text system, Dragon’s Roar News, information evenings and through half-termly class letters. Recently, several of our key information evenings have been poorly attended resulting in big events such as residentials becoming very difficult to organise. If we hold an information evening it is because there is a lot of information to be covered and we anticipate there will be questions from parents. Therefore, attendance at such meetings is important. We appreciate your support with this.  


    A Note from Mr Davenport: 

    We are currently missing various items of school kit. Please hunt at home for football socks, red KPNS t-shirts, football kits, borrowed shin pads etc and send them in after half term. Also, we are spending a lot of time chasing children for permission slips which are often coming in last minute. Please endeavour to get them signed and back asap so that teams and transport to events can be organised.  


    Children in Need:  

    Friday 16th of November is Children in Need and a family assembly at 3pm. This year, as a school, we will not be participating in Children in Need. Instead we have decided to raise money for the ward which is looking after our Caleb in Year 4. We will communicate with more information after half term.  


    Hall of Fame: 

    Naomi won 4 medals at her gymnastics competition last weekend! Wow! 

    Please contact the school office, preferably by email marked ‘Hall of Fame’, if you would like to share the achievements of your children with the rest of the school community. We love to hear about what they have been doing outside of school!


    Dates for the Diary:  

    Monday 12th November- Parents’ Evening for all children (letters have been sent out to make an appointment). 

    Wednesday 7th November- FoKPNS Game Night (Limited places) 

    Friday 16th November- Ward 40 Fundraiser and Family Assembly at 3PM. 

    Saturday 1st December- Choir Siniging at 3pm for Village Light Switch on.  

    Friday 7th December- Whole School Trip to the Panto 

    Friday 14th December- Whole School Xmas Jumper Day and School Christmas Fair (3-6pm) 

    Tuesday 18th December- School Christmas Performance (9:30am) 

    Wednesday 19th December- School Christmas Performance afternoon (2pm) and evening (7pm). 

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  • sing along.. but Stay safe!

    Published 23/10/18

    With the holiday approaching we thought we would share a few safety tips on an app that has become a firm favourite with children recently. The app (now affiliated with the TikTok app) allows the player to lip sync to music and share their videos with other people.

    The age guide for this app is 12+  but we have regularly heard children discussing this app on the playground and thought it was important to keep parents fully informed. It is a social media app.

    Always be aware that children using social media apps can be approached by people they do not know if their settings are not correctly in place.

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  • Dragon's Lair Turns Spooky!

    Published 16/10/18

    We have witches and wizards reading in school this week. 

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