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Good Attendance matters...

Keep an eye out for a letter this  week which shows your child’s attendance in the Autumn term. Every child from F2 upwards will receive a letter. If the letter shows your child's attendance is above 90% ( or even better, 95%), this is a real cause for celebration as it means your child has the best possible chance of making good progress in school.

If your child had 90% or lower attendance in the Autumn term then it is likely you will already have received a letter or had a conversation with a member of staff about this.

We will be contacting the parents of these children who have shown improved attendance and also requesting a meeting with parents where this is not the case.

There is a huge amount of research that shows a positive link between good attendance and children achieving their potential. Poor attendance has a serious impact on education and reduces a child's life chances.

Please speak to Mr Cresswell, Mrs Holmes or Mrs King if you have any questions about this.