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At KPNS, we believe that art is profoundly important for the full development of the individual because it deals with ideas, feelings and experiences and develops a visually expressive language (supporting mental health and wellbeing without using words). Art is driven through our topics and is based on developing key skills and knowledge as well as being used as a vehicle for which all pupils at KPNS have opportunities to generate, clarify and evaluate their ideas, thoughts and experiences. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to express themselves through their art and to be given focused time and instruction in a range of techniques and media.

At KPNS, we aim to:

  • Provide a broad and balanced art curriculum showing continuity and progression by integrating knowledge and making skills.
  • Use studies of artist’s and their work to develop children’s historical and cultural capital-they learn the techniques and processes to inspire and generate ideas for their own work and this enables them to become artistically literate.
  • Teach evaluation as a vital part of the art process in order to improve, and resilience as artists.
  • Enrich the art curriculum by exposing the children to a range of artists and artwork spanning throughout history; giving children the language, knowledge and skills to engage with, talk about and value art.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our Curriculum Overview, found below, outlines the comprehensive coverage of art across Key Stages 1 and 2, in accordance with the national curriculum and beyond. The overview also includes relevant details about EYFS. In addition, our EYFS curriculum identifies specific vocabulary, knowledge, and understanding to equip children for art at Key Stage 1. Detailed information can be found in our EYFS planning documentation, accessible on the dedicated EYFS curriculum page of this website. 

Curriculum Documentation 

See below in 'KPNS Art Curriculum Overview' for:

  • Page 4: Art Elements Document - Subject Lens and Second Order concepts of Art
  • Page 5-6: Whole school Art topic overview and enquiry questions
  • Page 8-11: Art unit overviews for each year group 
  • Page 11: National Curriculum coverage
  • Page 12-14: Making skills progression for all year groups
  • Page15-17: Knowledge and vocabulary
  • Pages 18: A Quick View of Artists covered at KPNS