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Behaviour at KPNS

We believe that Keyworth Primary and Nursery School should be a caring and happy community which models positive behaviour and fairness. We want everyone to feel safe, valued and respected.

Children at our school are taught that good behaviour keeps everyone safe and allows them to learn. Behaviour at Keyworth Primary and Nursery School is good.

At Keyworth, the management of behaviour is acknowledged as a core part of the responsibilities of all adults who work in our school.

We know staff who are ‘relentlessly bothered’ about building relationships and supporting all pupils’ behaviour build and sustain a positive rapport with children in their care.

We have a responsibility to support children as they develop self-discipline - the ability to regulate their own behaviour and to control their emotional responses to everyday situations. For some children this means that we will need to provide additional support.

We believe that it is important for us to help children understand the choices they make about behaviour; the model of behaviour which we use for these conversations considers the causes (antecedents) and consequences of behaviour. We recognise that negative behaviours may be a way for a child to communicate their needs or anxieties and that we have a responsibility to try to understand the reasons why a child may choose undesirable behaviours.

We acknowledge our responsibility to promote positive behaviour and manage negative behaviour in the classroom so that all children can learn in a calm and purposeful atmosphere. All staff are constantly looking for children who have gone ‘above and beyond’ the expectations of the Keyworth Code – these are rewarded and celebrated.

At Keyworth, we believe that we should all have consistently high expectations of the behaviour of others and that these high expectations will help children develop their ability to manage their own behaviour.

Consistency – ‘This is how we do it here’

A crucial element of our approach is that all staff should have a commitment and focus for our school to create absolute consistency about managing behaviour. We work hard to develop a shared language that all staff use.

Our Rules – The Keyworth Code

At Keyworth we have a small number of school wide rules which we call the Keyworth Code (see Appendix 1). These three rules allow us to involve children of all ages (in groups or individually) in discussions about their behavioural choices. This approach encourages children to develop their ability to reflect on their behaviour. We expect older children to remember what these three rules are.

All adults should regularly refer to the Keyworth Code to reinforce, ‘this is how we do it here’.


You can read our full Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policies here