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Breakfast and Afterschool Club

Windmills Childcare offers a range of services for families whose children attend Crossdale, Keyworth and any other primary schools in the area:




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Note from Mr Cresswell Excutive Headteacher of Crossdale and Keyworth Primary Schools

As the headteacher of two schools in Keyworth I know that families increasingly rely on holiday clubs, pre-school provision and before & after school clubs. With three children of my own, this type of provision has been incredibly important for my wife and I as we have juggled work and family priorities over the years.

As such, I am delighted to inform you that  Windmills Childcare is now offering these services to families in Keyworth. Based at Crossdale and Keyworth Primary schools, the aim of Windmills is to bring together a dedicated team who can work together to offer high-quality provision for children needing education and care outside of the normal school day.

Windmills Childcare is a charity set up by school Governors to run the provision detailed above. I am the chair of the charity and school governors, including  the long standing chair of governors for both schools, are part of the Trustee team who will ensure that Windmills Childcare delivers a high-quality service for families in Keyworth. As a charity we have no profit incentive - we simply aim to be the best, most flexible and most cost-effective provider of childcare in the area.

Although we are based at Crossdale and Keyworth Primary Schools, the preschool provision and holiday club is open to all families, regardless of the primary school their children attend.

If you have any questions or queries, please email us at

Kind regards,

Peter Cresswell

Executive Headteacher


WINDMILLS CHILDCARE · Charity number: 1177768 · OFSTED URN: RP562590

Windmills Childcare Keyworth - URN: EY562591 · Windmills Childcare Crossdale - URN: EY562592 · c/o Keyworth Primary School, Nottingham NG12 5FB


Click here to visit our dedicated Windmills Childcare website

Tel: 07598335424 -  Head Office (administration only

(Opening Hours - 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday. 9am to 3.30pm on Friday)

Tel: 07516059950 - Windmills Keyworth School Childcare Team

Tel: 07956104579 - Windmills Crossdale School Childcare Team