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Ethos & Values

Keyworth Primary is a safe, stimulating and fun school where pupils thrive. We are at the heart of the Keyworth community and offer support and love to the families we serve - we are fiercely determined to ensure all children have the same opportunities and meet their potential.

From the moment a family joins us, they are met with kindness, care and support. We put our successes down to teamwork - children, parents, staff and governors working together to ensure our school is a happy and safe place.

We celebrate and value the culture, heritage and individuality of all our pupils. We pride ourselves on our friendly, lively and caring atmosphere where children develop emotionally, socially and intellectually. Our curriculum is designed to ensure all children achieve to their fullest potential, gain a passion for learning and leave us with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their future education and every aspect of their lives.  

Staff are passionate and committed, going the extra mile to nurture positive relationships with children, parents and carers. They know all the children as individuals- one of the benefits of being a small school- and actively nurture their individual strengths.  All staff use the Keyworth Code to reinforce high expectations for children's behaviour - good behaviour keeps everyone safe and allows them to learn.

Our motto, 'Unlocking Every Child's Potential', is at the core of our ethos & values. We recognise that each pupil is unique and this is at the forefront of our thinking every day as we plan, teach and inspire with our broad, knowledge based curriculum. We ensure the teaching of early reading is a key priority as we know it unlocks children's ability to access all curriculum areas.

There is always something happening; something to celebrate and share.