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At KPNS, we believe that Geography is critical to young people’s understanding of the world around them.  We want young people to marvel at the beauty of natural landscapes, to understand why our environments are changing, and to appreciate how their actions affect others far across the globe. We want them to understand their own local areas and inspire within them aspirations to travel and explore our world; understanding the places they visit, rather than just passing through.  We want to give young people these skills and show how geography can inspire and challenge.  

The Geography curriculum is designed to be knowledge focused and promote high engagement, to motivate children to learn by offering a wide range of rich learning experiences that build on and develop their prior knowledge and expertise. Careful sequencing of the curriculum, and regular opportunities for children to revisit prior learning, ensures that children's knowledge and understanding develops progressively through their time in our school.

At KPNS, we aim to:

• Develop an understanding of the varied features and conditions, which make up the physical environment, and in so doing; help to make sense of their surroundings. 

 • Understand the positive and negative effects that humans have on the environment, and therefore develop the children’s sense of responsibility for the earth.  

• Develop geographical skills, including:  

1) Observing and comparing places and geographical features using appropriate vocabulary  

2) Measuring and recording accurately, enabling interpretation of geographical information 

 3) Interpreting and using maps, atlases and globes, making use of keys in order to understand about their local area, the UK, Europe and other areas of the world. 

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our Curriculum Overview, found below, outlines the comprehensive coverage of Geography  across Key Stages 1 and 2, in accordance with the national curriculum and beyond. The overview also includes relevant details about EYFS. In addition, our EYFS curriculum identifies specific vocabulary, knowledge, and understanding to equip children for Geography at Key Stage 1. Detailed information can be found in our EYFS planning documentation, accessible on the dedicated EYFS curriculum page of this website. 

Curriculum Documentation 

See below in 'KPNS Geography Curriculum Overview' for:

  • Page 4: Geography Elements Document - Subject Lens and Second Order concepts of Geography
  • Page 5-6: Whole school Geography topic overview and enquiry questions
  • Page 8-17: Subject elements progression for all year groups
  • Pages 18-23: National Curriculum coverage

You will also find examples below of Knowledge Organisers which show the key knowledge we want the children to know and remember.