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Head Bumps

We have recently reviewed our policy for bumped head incidents.  As part of that review we have updated our procedures to include issuing a red wristband to any child who has a minor head bump.

We will endeavour to send a text message at the end of the school day to let you know, but we hope that the red wristband will ensure that you are alerted as soon as possible that your child bumped their head that day and can therefore be aware to look out for the following symptoms and visit A&E if you have any concerns:

1. If your child is unusually sleepy and is hard to wake up.

2. If your child complains about a sudden headache.

3. If your child complains of nausea or is sick.

4. If your child has any changes in behaviour or is not his / her self.

5. If your child feels dizzy or is unsteady on his / her feet.

6. If your child has impaired vision.

The red wristbands will be issued from the week beginning Monday 9th May 2022.

We will always call you if we feel your child has had a more serious head bump.