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At KPNS, we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to unlock their full musical potential and be inspired to discover a love for music through singing and composing as well as an enthusiasm towards performing both inside and outside of school. KPNS’s music curriculum is centered around a music-based scheme called ‘Sing Up’ in which the children are exposed to a range of songs and are able to learn how to play a variety of different instruments. Music lessons at KPNS enable children to experience a high-quality education which contributes to developing their understanding of the most fundamental elements of music: beat, rhythm, and pitch. This program itself includes a kaleidoscope of sound knowledge and activities to not only help support educators deliver a sequence of lessons with confidence but as a whole to motivate and excite children about the art of musicianship in a fun and enjoyable way.


At KPNS, we aim to:

Support the development of the skills and knowledge which enable pupils to:

  • feel motivated and inspired to learn to play a musical instrument
  • become actively engaged in all music lessons
  • be encouraged to take an ownership of their learning through discovery and exploration
  • impart key foundations of musical knowledge
  • create memorable and practical musical experiences
  • increase confidence for musicianship
  • enjoy a multi-sensory approach to learning
  • encourage a musical culture around school

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our Curriculum Overview, found below, outlines the comprehensive coverage of music across Key Stages 1 and 2, in accordance with the national curriculum and beyond. The overview also includes relevant details about EYFS. In addition, our EYFS curriculum identifies specific vocabulary, knowledge, and understanding to equip children for music at Key Stage 1. Detailed information can be found in our EYFS planning documentation, accessible on the dedicated EYFS curriculum page of this website.

Curriculum Documentation 

See below in 'KPNS Music Curriculum Overview' for:

  • Page 4: Music Elements Document 
  • Page 5: Whole school Music topic overview
  • Page 6: Wider Provision and Enrichment Opportunities
  • Page 7-14: National Curriculum coverage
  • Page 15-16: Example Knowledge Organiser
  • Page 18: Example Unit Overview