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At KPNS, we believe that the core knowledge taught in P.E lessons is essential for all children to help them learn how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, now and in the future. Through P.E we aim for each pupil to develop an understanding of how the body works and the fundamental movements required (coordination, balance, agility, running, jumping, throwing and catching) to enable them to take part in any team game or sport. Teamwork, resilience, respect and sportsmanship will underpin all our teaching. We believe that physical activity is key to maintaining children’s mental health and wellbeing and will therefore be threaded through lessons and not just taught in P.E.

At KPNS, we aim to: 

  • Develop a love of physical activity and sport.
  • Give children the confidence to practice and apply skills, to take part in team games and engage in competitive activity whilst striving for their personal best.
  • Deliver a curriculum which allows all children to have the skills and mindset to leave primary school with the capabilities to be successful in their sporting challenges and active lifestyles at secondary school and beyond.
  • Develop knowledge and critical thinking skills to enable pupils to help themselves and others improve performances.
  • Ensure their accurate use and understanding of specific vocabulary
  • Enrich the curriculum with external providers, trips and visitors to school to inspire and challenge.

PE is taught through specific subject lessons which build and revisit knowledge as the children progress through school.

Partner Organisations - Liverpool School Sports Partnership

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our Curriculum Overview, found below, outlines the comprehensive coverage of PE across Key Stages 1 and 2, in accordance with the national curriculum and beyond. The overview also includes relevant details about EYFS. In addition, our EYFS curriculum identifies specific vocabulary, knowledge, and understanding to equip children for PE at Key Stage 1. Detailed information can be found in our EYFS planning documentation, accessible on the dedicated EYFS curriculum page of this website.

Curriculum Documentation

See the 'KPNS PE Curriculum Overview' document below for:

  • Page 4: Elements of PE document.
  • Pages 5-6: Whole school science overview.
  • Page 7; The Big Ideas of PE
  • Pages 8-14: Progression of skills (including SET) by year group.
  • Pages 15-26 : Progression in knowledge & skills ladders by sporting discipline. 
  • Page 28: Example of vocabulary pyramid.
  • Page 29: Example of Knowledge organiser to support teacher subject knowledge.
  • Page 30: Details of National Curriculum Coverage.

An example unit of work can also be found below