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Phonics, Reading and Writing

Reading at Keyworth Primary and Nursery School

At Keyworth Primary and Nursery school we LOVE and value reading and have therefore put it at the heart of our curriculum! We immerse our children in rich reading opportunities daily and we encourage and support the work our parents do at home through our exciting reading awards! Read on to find out more about your child’s reading journey at KPNS…



We follow the Read Write Inc. Phonics Scheme. Phonics teaches children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. They learn to form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by step.

All of the children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One have daily phonics sessions and some children in Key Stage Two may take part in these sessions if they need to become more secure in their understanding of phonics.

Children learn the English alphabetic code: first they learn one way to read the 40+ sounds and blend these sounds into words, then learn to read the same sounds with alternative graphemes. They experience success from the very beginning. Lively phonic books are closely matched to their increasing knowledge of phonics and ‘tricky’ words and, as children re-read the stories, their fluency increases.

Along with a thought-provoking introduction, prompts for thinking out loud and discussion, children are helped to read with a storyteller’s voice.

When your child is ready, they will come home with a 'Pocket Sound Book' so that you can practise your child's sounds with them. The more fluent and secure the children are with their initial sounds, the more confident they will be when they start reading! 

For lots of information about Read Write Inc and how we teach it at our school click on "Useful Videos and information"


VIPERS Sessions:

Through our whole class guided reading, VIPERS, we explicitly teach the skills of reading to our children. The ‘VIPERS’ cover the key comprehension skills which need to be taught in-line with the National Curriculum to ensure that our children become strong, confident readers.

Each KS2 class has 3-4 VIPERS sessions a week where they explore and unpick- through discussion- a range of texts from a variety of genres, often linked to their current class topic. In KS1 our children also participate in 2-3 VIPERS sessions a week, developing their early comprehension skills through the use of picture books and video clips. 


Reading Interventions:

At KPNS we want all children to love reading and we aim to make every child a reader. As part of this we carefully monitor children who are in the early stages of reading and provide support in the form of daily individual reading lessons or phonics sessions for children who need a little extra help with their reading and writing. This is always done in partnership with the parents. 


Blaze’s Reading Lair:

To support parents with finding that quiet time to read with your child, we have set up Blaze's Reading Lair. It will take place in the school dining room every day from 8:30- 8:50 (when the children will go to their classrooms).  The back door will be open from 8:30 for parents/ grandparents and children to come and read together in the dining room. The children can read their own books or choose from an exciting range of books available. 

When children attend Blaze's Reading Lair they will receive a special stamp in their home/school book. Collect  50 stamps and get one of Blaze's special prizes. 

All children must be accompanied by an adult.  However, if your child is in Y5 or 6 and walks to school independently, they can sign a permission slip and read in group with Mrs King. 


Reading Awards:

At KPNS we encourage our children to read at home by asking them to work towards their reading awards. Information about our awards for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two can be found below, in the attachment section. Additionally, if you come for a visit to school, you will see some of the wonderful work the children have done towards their awards.


Practising Reading at Home:

The more children practise their reading, the better they will get. Their books will be regularly changed at school, when children are in Foundation and Key Stage One, and then children will begin to take responsibility for changing books themselves as they progress through Key Stage Two.

Do remember that it is very good for them to re-read familiar books as this gives them the chance to improve their fluency as well as making them feel confident. So, if they bring home a book that they have read before, enjoy hearing them read it with confidence!

You can help at home by:

·         Reading stories to them every day.

·         Listening to them read their own reading books every day. Just 10 minutes every day will really help their progress! A little and often is ideal when they are just beginning to read.

·         Talk to your child about what they have read; checking their understanding of vocabulary and promoting good discussion habits.

·         Encourage your child to actively engage in the reading awards.

For tips on how to use the Read Write Inc method  click on "Useful Videos and information"


Starting to write at home

click here to take you to the writing blog page where we will be building up tips and videos to help you support your child when they are starting to write.