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We ensure that daily, high quality, systematic, discrete phonics teaching is delivered consistently across our school.  At Keyworth Primary and Nursery School, we follow the Read Write Inc. programme to teach phonics and children start this programme when they start school in Reception.

Children will be taught the ‘set 1’ sounds initially. These are accompanied by a handwriting rhyme which help them form the letters to write them.

For more information regarding Read Write Inc., click on the link below.

Read Write Inc. – A guide for parents

Fred Talk

At school we use a puppet called Fred who only speaks in sounds. We call this Fred Talk. For example, Fred would say d-o-g, we would say dog. Your child is taught to hear sounds and blend them together to say words.

As your child learns each sound (phoneme), they are also taught to blend the sounds together to say and read CVC words such as mat, sit, pin.


Fred Fingers

Fred Fingers are used for spelling. Your child is taught to sound out the word they are spelling and put up the correct number of fingers for the sounds they can hear in the word. For example: m-e-t = 3 sounds = 3 fingers. 



Green Words

When your child can orally blend sounds to say words, your child will start to read ‘green’ words.  ‘Green’ words are words which can be sounded out and blended.

Red Words

When children start to read short ditties, your child will be taught to read ‘red’ words. These words are words with ‘tricky letters’ which can’t be sounded out phonetically.  Your child will be taught the red words in a specific order, which will correlate with the books they are reading in lessons.



Click here for more information about how you can help your child with Read, Write, Inc.