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School Curriculum

Summer 2021: This section of the website is currently being updated

Pupils in Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which works towards a set of Early Learning Goals. The Foundation Stage prepares children for Learning in Key Stage 1 and aims to ensure children have the necessary learning and social skills to be successful in school. The National Curriculum begins in year 1 and all other year groups at Keyworth will follow this framework. It comprises three core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science) and other subjects (Computing, Design and Technology, History, Languages, Geography, Music, Art and Design and Physical Education) as well as Religious Education.

Topic Approach

As children move through school, they will progressively develop skills and acquire key knowledge and understanding across all curriculum areas. Where possible we teach several curriculum areas through an engaging, over-arching topic theme:

EYFS topic examples:
  • Why is water wet?  · What happens when I fall asleep? · How do buildings stay up? · Do cows drink milk?  · Are we there yet?  ·  Olympics!
Key Stage 1 topic examples:
  • Dinosaur Planet ·  Splendid Skies · Street Detectives ·  Towers, Tunnels and Turrets ·  Beach Combers
Lower Junior topic examples
  • Blue Abyss ·  I am Warrior  ·  Road Trip USA ·  Burps, Bottoms and Bile  ·  Traders and Raiders​​​​​ ·  Scrumdiddlyumptious ·  Mighty Metals ·  Gods and Mortals  ·  Predators  · Tremors

UPPER Junior topic examples
  • Firedamp and Davy Lamps ·  Pharaohs ·  Stargazers ·  Alchemy Island·  Off with Her Head ·  ID ·  Hola Mexico ·  Frozen Kingdom ·  Gallery Rebels

New topics are presented in a way that ‘hooks’ the children and encourages them to ask questions and get excited about their learning. Their curriculum experience is further enriched by visits, visitors and range of curriculum enrichment activities

The key skills that inform our topic planning for each subject can be found at the bottom of this page. These skills are currently under review and will be updated during the 2019-2020 academic year and will also include the key knowledge and understanding the children will learn during each topic. 'Science Progression KPNS'   shows how we intend to develop children's knowledge progressively over their time in school.

i.e. Here are examples from 3 classes:


Programme of Study

Key Knowledge and Understanding

Street Detectives

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This document identifies the key knowledge we want children to learn in this unit.

Blue Abyss

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This document identifies the key knowledge we want children to learn in this unit.

Gallery Rebels

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This document identifies the key knowledge we want children to learn in this unit.

Visit the class blogs for more information about what your child is learning about.

Reading and Phonics  

Curriculum Intent, Ethos and Values

We recognise that each pupil is unique and this is at the forefront of our thinking every day as we plan, teach and inspire with our broad curriculum. We are very inclusive with an unwavering belief that a supportive, caring and family atmosphere provides a fertile learning environment to encourage self-belief and challenge every child, regardless of background or their ability.

Our aim is to break down barriers so we can all learn together, nurturing positive attitudes and mutual respect, ensuring we all aspire to make positive contributions to our school, local community and society as a whole. Engaging our parents in their children’s education is a priority.

In essence, everything we do has every child at heart because they are the future. Keyworth’s curriculum has positive relationships at its heart. The  Keyworth Code promotes care for everyone and everything. Recognising every child  as a unique individual, we celebrate and welcome differences within our school community, promoting positive values, high expectations and team work.

Our curriculum is designed to offer children experiences that will develop their cultural capital, enrich their vocabulary, enhance their self-esteem and ignite their curiosity to become life-long learners with high personal aspirations. The curriculum is designed to promote high engagement, to motivate children to learn by offering a wide range of rich learning experiences that build on and develop their prior knowledge and expertise. Learning has an explicit purpose and, where possible, is based in the real world.

Keyworth Keys to Learning provide a framework to develop our children as effective learners. The framework captures the essential skills of managing self, managing relationships with others, and managing learning, performance and work.

With the NC at its heart, our curriculum is adapted to respond to the children in order to develop the skills and understanding needed to be successful in life. Topic based planning makes the most of children’s interests, giving scope for pupils to direct their own learning creatively across the wider curriculum and achieve high standards in the core skills of reading, writing and maths. We encourage children to positively reflect on their work and respond to feedback, learning from their mistakes and developing resilience as they overcome barriers to learning and embrace challenge.