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Keyworth Primary
& Nursery School

School Curriculum

Pupils in Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which works towards a set of Early Learning Goals. The Foundation Stage prepares children for Learning in Key Stage 1 and aims to ensure children have the necessary learning and social skills to be successful in school. The National Curriculum begins in year 1 and all other year groups at Keyworth will follow this framework. It comprises three core subjects (English, Mathematics and Science) and other subjects (Computing, Design and Technology, History, Languages, Geography, Music, Art and Design and Physical Education) as well as Religious Education.

Topic Approach

Where possible we teach several curriculum areas through an engaging, over-arching topic theme:

Key Stage 1 topic examples:
  • My World; Space – Out of this World! · Amazing Animals ·Toys and Teddies · Florence Nightingale · Castles · Captain Hook · Wonderful me · Great Fire of London · My Island Home: St Lucia · Green Fingers - Plants · Oh I do Like to be beside the Seaside! · Out and about In Keyworth · What makes me special? · Polar explorers · Land before time · Bridges and buildings · From field to fork · Under the sea 

Key Stage 2 topic examples
  • Wild Wild West: North America · Welcome to China: Shang Dynasty · Ingenious Inventors: Victorians · Welcome to the Jungle: Mayans · Rock on! Stone Age to Iron Age · Trouble and Strife: The Tudors · Roman around the world: Romans · Keep on Moving! Types of settlements · Valhalla: Vikings & Anglo Saxons · Quake, Rattle and Roll! Natural Disasters · Keep calm and carry on! World War II · Into the Labyrinth: Ancient Greece

New topics are presented in a way that ‘hooks’ the children and encourages them to ask questions and get excited about their learning. For instance, a recent topic on ’Invaders and Settlers’ started with children re-enacting a battle working alongside a teacher dressed as Boadicea. The children were given minimal context prior to the ‘battle’ which created a deluge of questions immediately afterward - the children were well and truly ‘hooked’!

The key skills that inform our topic planning for each subjet can be found at the bottom of this page.

Keys To Learning

Keyworth Keys to Learning are a set of six skills and attributes that we aim to  develop in the children as they progress through our school.

They are higher order learning skills that are designed to help children learn in all subjects. We chose these six skills after reviewing research into the skills and attributes possessed by people who are successful in a range of contexts. Our aspiration is that children leaving the school will be able to name and discuss the six keys. See below for more information.

Reading and Phonics

Click here for more information about Reading and Phonics at KPNS