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School Inspection


We are really proud of what inspectors said about our school, and especially our children:

  • Around the school, pupils are kind and polite; they do not disrupt lessons
  • Everyone gets on well here; pupils behave with kindness to each other.
  • Pupils feel safe in school. They say that staff will help them if they are ever worried.
  • Any bullying is extremely rare, and teachers attend to it immediately.

Teaching and Learning:

  • Classrooms, including early years, are busy places where everyone can learn well. Teachers expect all pupils to pay close attention in class. This, as well as interesting work, mean that lessons proceed without disruption.
  • Exciting teaching means that every child wants to join in.
  • Lessons are interesting. Teachers deliver them through exciting topics.
  • Every member of staff works hard to make sure that pupils do as well as they can.
  • Even those who need extra support to catch up know that they are improving quickly. They are keen to show what they can do.


  • Effective and determined senior leaders have improved this school rapidly since it opened [as an academy in 2016]. They have made it clear to all staff that every child must succeed in all subjects. They have taken decisive action to drive up pupils’ progress. 
  • Leaders make sure that staff are well trained in safeguarding. Staff all know the importance of reporting any concerns they have. Leaders keep detailed safeguarding records and take brisk action to help pupils at risk of harm.

The full inspection report can be found below.

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